Meet Rabbi Marcy Delbick

Rabbi Delbick and her family moved to the Salinas area from Southern California. However, she was raised in Scranton, Pennsylvania, until the age of 15.  At that time her father, an attorney in Scranton, moved the family to Laramie, Wyoming, when he accepted a position teaching at the University of Wyoming, College of Law.

This was Marcy’s first experience living in an area that did not have a heavy Jewish population.   It was during her time in Laramie that she realized a couple of factors that shaped her Jewish Identity – if she wanted to live a Jewish lifestyle, she would have to actively work to make that happen.  Also, living in an area with relatively few Jews – that other people’s perception of Jews would be formed by what they knew of the few Jews they did meet.

After completing high school in Wyoming, Marcy moved west to attend UCLA and earned a degree in English.  She then attended the University of Wisconsin where she received her JD.

After a short period practicing law, she returned to Southern California, and began teaching at a Jewish Day School. At this time, she met and married her husband Paul, and soon the family grew to include sons Ben and Ezra.

Marcy decided to follow a rabbinical path, and enrolled at the Academy for Jewish Religion, known as a trans-denominational institution, which is not tied to any of the more traditional Jewish movements.  Many of the students at AJR were older students, embarking on a second career.

After ordination, Rabbi Delbick accepted the position at Temple Beth El, and she and her family made the move to Salinas.